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The SpongeBob Musical

Production Team

Director: Katie Gifford

Music Director: Jason Coburn

Choreographers: Kaylee Gifford & Rowan Gifford

Assistant Director/Sound Design: Monica Bushor

Producer: Nicole Bizzaro
Stage Managers: Erin Corrette & Lauren Anderson
Technical Director: Mark Deyo & Mike Irving
Set Design/Creation: Lise Johnson

Lighting Design: Grant Gifford

Costume Design: Mary Kay Harper, Nicole Bizzaro

Make Up Design: Julianne Irving, Kati Leombruno

Stage Crew: Rachel Corrette

Additional Tech Crew: Thomas Corrette, Leo Gifford, Chase Irving

Additional Set/Prop Team: Sue Cronholm, Carrie Dugan, Rebecca Ketcham

Special Thanks

Lisa Volonte and Manchester Community Players in Manchester, NH

Rochester Opera House in Rochester, NH

Keynotes Drama Club and GH Hood Middle School in Derry, NH

Pit Band

Keyboard/Conductor: Jason Coburn

Reed 1: Madison Shimko

Reed 2: Cora Dykens

Guitar: Damian Bernardini

Bass: Brennan McGuirk 

Drums: Steve Duchesne 

A Note From the Director

Full transparency, when this show was first suggested, I was not in favor. SpongeBob? I am too old, and the little I did know about the original cartoon, I didn’t care for. But you know what, Jason is great and he was really passionate about it, so ok, let me look into it. And what did I end up discovering? This show is fantastic! The music is different: contemporary and fun; the story is one of hope and community, packed with all kinds of zany humor; it is colorful; and the opportunities for community members of all ages and abilities is boundless. Sounds great, let’s do it! Soon enough, we would discover just how BIG this show really is: so many costumes, so many props, so much makeup, so many sound effects and projections, so many different genres of music to try and grapple! This was easily the biggest show I’ve ever tackled and quite a project for even an established regional theater to try to pull off, let alone a volunteer run small community theater. And yet here we are, having the Best Day Ever with an amazing show.  So many people put so much work into this project. I can’t even begin to thank them individually here. Suffice it to say, every name in this program was crucial to the success of this show. The casts of community theater always work hard, they are always vested in their show. But the creative teams listed above have donated hours upon hours of their time to make this magical set, collect and create these colorful costumes, learn and apply make up techniques to enhance this fantastical spectacle, create and teach dance numbers that every skill level could be successful in, light the stage so that we feel like we are underwater and can still see the actors’ faces, create and manage the copious number of props that parade by, harvest and organize countless sounds and images to add to this ultimate joyful assault on all of our senses! I can never thank them enough, and I do truly hope you enjoy the fruits of all of our labors.  


I do have one last thank you, and that is to you, the audience. There is no show without an audience. Thank you for supporting your community, friends, family and fellow theater lovers. I hope you walk away feeling like I do now: Wow, The SpongeBob Musical is awesome!

Katie Gifford

Cast and Crew

Kaylee Gifford

SpongeBob Squarepants

Emma Nigg

Sandy Cheeks

Connor Forbes

Sheldon J. Plankton

Rowan Gifford

Featured Dancer
Electric Skate

Kennedy Cook

Featured Dancer
Sardine Devotee

Lanah Poplaski

Featured Dancer
Sardine Devotee

Lily Abbott

Mrs. Puff

Kassandra St. Germain

French Narrator

Greg Dixon

Buster Bluetang

Veronica Bushor


Noah Anzalone

Security Guard

Erin Corrette

Stage Manager

Thomas Corrette


Adam Munguia

SpongeBob Squarepants

Gareth Lamy

Squidward Q. Tentacles

Kenzie Sullivan

Karen the Computer

Rebecca Laurion

Featured Dancer
Teen Fan

Lucas Leombruno

Featured Dancer
Electric Skate

Kathy Anzalone

Mayor of Bikini Bottom

Joshua Precourt

Larry the Lobster
Security Guard

Alayna Puglielli

Teen Fan

Mark Deyo

Johnny the Bartender

Hannah Phelan


James Ouellette


Lauren Anderson

Stage Manager

Chase Irving


Ella Bizarro

Patrick Star

Sean Bushor

Eugene H. Krabs

Michaela Bushor

Pearl Krabs

Gavin Abbott

Featured Dancer
Sardine Devotee

Parker Irving

Featured Dancer
Electric Skate

Joshua Benham

Perch Perkins

Carole Bilodeau

Old Man Jenkins

Julie Bushor


Hannah Bailey

Sardine Devotee

Mia Precourt


Lee Peet


Rachel Corrette

Stage Crew

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