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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Epping Community Theater Kids Presents

Director: Carole Bilodeau and Greg Dixon

ECT is inviting you to come and be a part of our Summer 2023 Kids/Teens production of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Willy Wonka is finally opening up the gates of his legendary chocolate factory to five lucky children who find Golden Tickets in their Wonka candy bars. When Charlie Bucket becomes the unlikely finder of the fifth Golden Ticket, he’s in for an amazing opportunity to tour a spectacular land full of chocolate rivers, thrilling riverboat rides, and glass elevators that soar right through the ceiling. But he is also set to encounter several obstacles that could ruin the whole experience for him: the four spoiled, self-centered and obnoxious children who have found the other Golden Tickets. What grand prize is Mr. Wonka looking to give away at the end of the day? And what fate awaits those who are deemed unworthy of receiving that prize? Whatever happens along the way, this will be one unforgettable adventure for all
of the characters involved!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

August 4, 2023 at 11:00:00 PM

August 5, 2023 at 6:00:00 PM

August 5, 2023 at 11:00:00 PM

$10 at the door, Cash Only

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