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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

August 4th, 10am and 7pm

August 5th, 2pm and 7pm

Ticket $10 at the door cash only

If you have not signed up yet, we do not have any more room in this production. Please keep an eye out for future programs.

ECT is inviting you to come and be a part of our Summer 2023 Kids/Teens production of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Willy Wonka is finally opening up the gates of his legendary chocolate factory to five lucky children who find Golden Tickets in their Wonka candy bars. When Charlie Bucket becomes the
unlikely finder of the fifth Golden Ticket, he’s in for an amazing opportunity to tour a spectacular land full of chocolate rivers, thrilling riverboat rides, and glass elevators that soar right through the ceiling. But he is also set to encounter several obstacles that could ruin the whole experience for him: the four spoiled, self-centered and obnoxious children who have found the other Golden Tickets. What grand prize is Mr. Wonka looking to give away at the end of the day? And what fate awaits those who are deemed unworthy of receiving that prize?
Whatever happens along the way, this will be one unforgettable adventure for all of the characters involved!


Based on Roald Dahl’s classic book, this play contains all of the iconic characters from the story that readers and audiences have loved for decades. We are so excited to bring this story to life onstage and we hope that you will join us for what we are sure will be a fun and fantastic time!!


Registration for this production is open to students who are currently (2022-23 school year) in grades 5 th -9 th .


We will begin on Tuesday, May 16 th with auditions at Watson Academy from 6:00-7:00pm. Everyone who signs up is guaranteed a role. HOWEVER, YOU MUST SIGN UP AND SECURE YOUR SPOT IN THE PRODUCTION PRIOR TO MAY 16 TH IN ORDER TO AUDITION.

Rehearsals will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00-8:00 at Watson Academy starting Thursday, May 18 th . When we are able to, we will move rehearsals over to the Epping Playhouse on Ladd’s Lane. We will give parents and cast members plenty of notice when we are able to do this. A detailed schedule is attached to the Registration Form.


The directors ARE willing to work around conflicts as long as we know about them ahead of time. Please do not hesitate to sign up just because of another commitment, vacation, etc. during the rehearsal period. The exceptions to this rule are tech week as well as the four performances. If you are unable to make it to Tech Week rehearsals or to any of the four performances, we cannot allow you to participate in this production.

Tech week will be held the week of July 31 st , with performances on Friday, August 4 th at 10:00AM and 7:00PM and Saturday, August 5 th at 2:00PM and 7:00PM.


PLEASE NOTE: Everyone who signs up will be given a speaking role with dialogue that they will have to eventually memorize. If you have a 5 th grader who is unsure of whether or not they are comfortable being onstage, learning lines, etc. or who may benefit from some more experience before participating in a full production, we would recommend signing them up for our Spring class instead, which is open to grades 2 nd -5 th .

Character List

Willy Wonka-The eccentric but mysterious owner of Wonka’s chocolate factory,
and the guide for the tour given to golden ticket winners. Ultimately a good
person, who believes in rewarding good behavior, but also has an edge to his
personality. Unpredictable, as you never know what he might be up to next.


Grandpa Joe-Charlie’s elderly but extremely energetic grandfather who
accompanies him to the chocolate factory. At the beginning, he is so weak that he
has not gotten out of bed for twenty years, but the excitement of Charlie winning
the golden ticket renews his energy and makes him almost like a kid again.


Charlie Bucket-the sweet, generous but shy young boy from a very poor family
who, by lucky chance, ends up finding the fifth golden ticket, giving him the
chance to tour Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. The ultimate underdog, Charlie is
the character that must make the audience instantly love and route for him.


Augustus Gloop-the first golden ticket winner, a chubby boy who is obsessed with
eating as much food as he can. He barely pays attention to the people around
him, as he’s always fixated on the food that he is eating or on food that he wants
to eat.


Veruca Salt-a spoiled brat who finds the second golden ticket. Loud, selfish and
demanding, she gets angry whenever she doesn’t get exactly what she wants, and
throws temper tantrums until the adults around her give in to her.


Violet Beauregarde-the third golden ticket winner. A champion gum-chewer who
is always chomping on a stick of gum. Cocky and competitive, she views herself as
more accomplished and important than everyone else.


Mike Teavee-the boy who finds the fourth Wonka golden ticket. He obsessively
watches television and does very little else, often mimicking the characters he
sees on TV, especially cowboys from old westerns. Because he has little interest in
anything that’ s not on television, he’s the least impressed and least interested of
the five kids in the chocolate factory itself.


Narrator-the storyteller who introduces the story at the beginning of the play,
interviews all of the golden ticket winners, and comes in throughout the show to
give updates on what’s going on and where the characters are.

Mr. Teavee-Mike’s father, a pushover who doesn’t like the fact that his son is so
obsessed with television, but doesn’t try to do anything about it.


Mrs. Teavee-Mike’s mother who, like her husband, doesn’t do anything to stop
her son’s obsession with television, even if she is not necessarily happy about it.


Mr. Salt-Veruca’s father, whose one goal in life is to make sure that his daughter
has everything she could possibly want, and who is willing to do almost anything
to make that happen.


Mrs. Salt-Veruca’s mother. Ends up giving in to pretty much anything her
daughter wants, but tries a little bit harder than Mr. Salt to keep Veruca in


Mrs. Beauregarde-Violet’s mother. Although she would prefer that her daughter
not chew on gum all the time (since it’s not very proper) she still encourages
Violet’s competitive attitude.


Mrs. Gloop-Augustus’ mother. Loving and fiercely devoted, she feeds her son
almost nonstop with any food that he wants, which usually includes sweets and


Mr. Bucket-Charlie’s father. A kind, compassionate man who would love to see
his son have a chance to visit the chocolate factory.


Mrs. Bucket-Charlie’s mother. Like Mr. Bucket, she loves her son tremendously
and hopes that Charlie will somehow be able to find a golden ticket.


Grandma Josephine, Grandma Georgina, and Grandpa George-Charlie’s other
grandparents. They all share the same bed, which they have not left in more than
20 years. However, they still remain vocal and opinionated, and they still keep
their sense of humor.


Oompa Loompas-The short, mysterious people who work for Willy Wonka in his
chocolate factory. Like Wonka himself, they are mysterious characters and you
never know what they might be up to next. Suspiciously, they always have a
perfectly rehearsed poem ready to perform whenever something happens to one
of the kids on the tour. (Please note: All Oompa Loompas will have individual

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