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Call for Auditions

Charlotte's Web

the musical

Announcing Auditions for ECT's next Main Stage Production


Charlotte's Web is a story of friendship, courage, and self-sacrifice. Wilbur is a pig who finds out that he is destined for slaughter. His friend, a spider named Charlotte who lives in the doorway of his pigpen, determines to save him; she accomplishes this by spinning words about him in her web.

Co-Directors: Carole Bilodeau and Greg Dixon

Musical Director: Jason Coburn


This family friendly production has casting opportunities for performers ages 8+.


Auditions will be held at Epping Playhouse 
38 Ladd's Lane, Epping, NH

Tuesday April 16th 2024 starting at 5:00pm

Thursday April 18th 2024 starting at 6:00pm


Save time by filling out an audition form below, or blank copies will be made available at auditions.


Rehearsals will begin with read through Tuesday April 30th at 6:00pm - 8:00 pm and will run

Sundays 1:30pm - 5:30pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm - 9pm

Times of rehearsals will vary depending on what roles are needed for specific rehearsals but will always happen within the hours above. The schedule will be published weekly for who is needed at the rehearsals.

Mandatory tech rehearsals:

Sunday 7/14

Monday 7/15

Tuesday 7/16

Wednesday 7/17

Thursday 7/18



Friday 7/19 - 10am and 7pm

Saturday 7/20 - 2pm

Sunday 7/21 - 2pm

For your audition, please prepare a 16 bar song with or without music. There will be a pianist at the audition so please bring sheet music if you would like him to play.


Character list - All Roles are Open!

The Animals:

Charlotte - A kind, generous spider who lives in the Zuckerman barn.
She befriends Wilbur, and helps to save his life by spinning words and
messages about him into her web. Charlotte must be very sweet and
good-natured, as she is very maternal towards Wilbur.

Wilbur - A sweet-natured young pig, who becomes a local celebrity
when his new spider friend Charlotte starts spinning messages about
him in her web. Just like Charlotte, Wilbur must come across as
extremely kind and likable, as well as innocent and childlike.


Templeton - A greedy, selfish rat who roams the Zuckerman barn looking
for scraps of food. Agrees to look for words for Charlotte to use in her
web, but only in exchange for a portion of Wilbur’s food. Snarky and

sarcastic, with great comic timing.


Goose - A goose who lives in the Zuckerman farm and befriends Wilbur.
Very outgoing and friendly. A very high energy role with lots of



Gander - The husband of the Goose, who also lives on the Zuckerman
farm and is also very outgoing and very friendly to Wilbur. Like the
Goose, the Gander is a very high spirited role with lots of energy and a

great deal of movement.


Old, Old Sheep - A sheep who lives on the Zuckerman farm. Although
very nice to Wilbur, she is also very authoritative and strict, particularly
towards her child (the Little, Little Lamb) as well as Templeton. Must

have a commanding stage presence.


Little, Little Lamb - The child of the Old, Old Sheep. Comes across much
like a teenager and is always annoyed at being told what to do by the
Old Sheep. Although generally friendly towards Wilbur, can also come
across as snarky towards him and likes to have fun at his expense.


Bat - A bat who comes out at night with the Owl to comment on
Charlotte’s web spinning. Is blind, and relies on the Owl to give details

on what is going on.


Owl - An owl who comes out at night with the Bat to comment on
Charlotte’s web spinning. Has to describe the details of what is going on

to the Bat, who is blind.


3 Goslings - The offspring of the Goose and the Gander, who are hatched
not long after Wilbur arrives at the Zuckerman barn and spend the rest

of the play following their parents around.

The Humans:

Fern Arable - A kind-hearted, independently-minded young girl who
adores animals. Rescues Wilbur and adopts him as her own pet, and
remains his best friend (apart from Charlotte) after he is sent to live at

the Zuckerman farm.


Mr. Homer Zuckerman - Fern’s uncle, who allows Wilbur to live on his
farm. Although he only plans to keep Wilbur until the Autumn, he is still
generally an easy-going guy, which can sometimes lead to
disagreements with his wife. Physical comedy required


Mrs. Edith Zuckerman - Homer’s wife and Fern’s aunt. Much more stern
and “no nonsense” than her husband, which can lead to some light-
hearted bickering between the two. Physical comedy required.


Lurvy - The Zuckerman’s clumsy farmhand. Well-meaning and eager-to-
please, but absent-minded and prone to falling down on the job. A role

very heavy in physical comedy and pratfalls.


Mr. John Arable - Fern’s father, who decides after some hesitation to let
Fern keep Wilbur, feeling that having a pet pig will help teach her some



Mrs. Martha Arable - Fern’s mother, who begins to worry that Fern is
spending too much time with the animals at the Zuckerman barn,
especially when Fern begins saying that the animals are capable of



Avery Arable - Fern’s obnoxious brother. Always tries to annoy Fern, and
often gets into trouble and causes accidents to happen. A very high

energy role. Must have great stage presence.


Townspeople - The residents of the community who play outside in the
summer sun, excitedly come to the Zuckerman farm to see Wilbur
when he becomes a local celebrity, and take part in the activities and

festivities at the county fair.

PLEASE NOTE: The roles listed below will double as townspeople


Little Wilber - Wilbur as a piglet when he is first adopted by Fern at the
beginning of the play. Listens intently as Fern tries to find a name for
him, and then sings a song about how much he loves to eat.
Reporter-A newsperson who comes to the Zuckerman farm to do a

story about Wilbur.


Announcer - The emcee at the fair, who hosts all of the games and
activities, and later gives a big presentation celebrating Wilbur.
Uncle-A huge pig who is placed in the pen next to Wilbur’s at the

county fair. (Non-singing role)


Sadie - A waitress at the local diner, who celebrates the arrival of the

Arables’ piglets with Doc and Lurvy.


Doc - A local doctor, who meets up with Lurvy and Sadie the morning

after the Arables’ pigs are born.


Baby Spiders - Charlotte’s children, who are born at the end of the play
and leave the Zuckerman farm to go out into the world on their own.


Joy - One of Charlotte’s children who stays behind at the Zuckerman
farm. Is given her name because she trembles with joy.


Aranea - One of Charlotte’s children who stays behind at the Zuckerman
farm. Names herself in honor of her mother’s middle initial.


Nellie - One of Charlotte’s children who stays behind at the Zuckerman

farm. Asks Wilbur to give her a sensible name.

Audition Sign up

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By saying that you will accept any role given it is expected that you will take part in the production regardless of casting. By saying you will not accept any role given you will only be cast if you are chosen for the roles you listed above.

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